Who are we where do we stand for WHO AM I. This point is a turning point for many, some turning their lives around. End their relationships change their jobs or start over.

In our life we are looking for ourselves. Who are we, what do we stand for, what is our strength and what is our weakness. When we are born we depend on our parents, educators, school and friends and adapt throughout our lives, when we get to the point where we no longer adapt many of us end up in a crisis.

Many people live their life, thinking that the life they lead is what it is and accept that, but many also suffer the life they live, because they have never experienced their true self.

Yet that is not the answer to their essential question : WHO AM I.

I myself believe in reincarnation and remember a number of them, which makes this life even more confusing for me. I have to get my soul core between my memories. Who am I, what is my true self , why do I come back every time, what is my growth?