In our life, only a few checkpoints determine your life path, they occur in different phases of life and determine which way you are going and give you peace and comfort when you get lost. For some it is their job or their family or for some even addictions, without knowing that it is a comfort tool and not a need, with me it has been God since my 11th ,when I first consciously attended a church and felt familiar and safe, since that time I walk this path together with God it gives me peace of mind, trust and love, but also pain lessons and confrontations that I do not always find easy, but awakening consciously is not easy and reincarnation was also a revelation that revealed itself to me in 2008 and which until today has turned my life upside down and makes me restless again at intervals of peace, I am grateful that in addition to that restlessness, I also experience peace in my life in the form of love from Ron and our Sons Jesse and Noah and our animales so that are the points where I come home and be myself and a few lovely people who accept my fickleness because they know how tough “knowing” can be âšœï¸